About me  

I have been supporting people to release their energy & emotional blocks since 2016. My approach is to meet each client as a whole person. To facilitate effective energetic block release, I apply a unique blend of eastern & western therapy methods.

Most of us have lost contact with our own hearts while we were growing up. To avoid getting hurt again, we have closed our hearts by shutting down some feelings. Chronic tension and pains in our body-minds are symptoms of not being in touch with our own hearts, and not living fully what is. I invite you to connect deeply with your body and embrace all of  inner experience. By doing so, your capacity to hold any sensations and emotions will grow. 

By regaining natural energy flow and increased life energy in your body, you will find yourself flowing in love. You find home in your own being, where you FEEL the real source of security, love, and creativity.




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