How I found my way to flow in love

I began my healing journey in 2000. At that point my life looked pretty good from outside. After graduating from universities in Tokyo and NYC, I landed an exciting job at an IT company as a Marketing Manager, living in a beautiful suburb of Vienna, Austria, with lots of opportunities to travel.  Although I looked happy and successful on the surface, I was unable to relax, always running after projects. With a huge inner pressure to prove myself to be good enough, I spent most of my awake time in planning, executing and evaluating my professional and private projects. The more successful I became, the more lonely and depressed I felt. I was busy running in the same cycle but arriving nowhere.

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Wisdom of Five Element Framework

The framework of the five elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water) is the basis of my tuning fork therapy and bodywork. Asian Taoist philosophy and the TCM recognize the world as a meaningful context. The five elements are forces of the cosmos, which have a noticeable effect on all natural phenomena and people. When the five forces are in balance, man and nature are healthy and in harmony. An imbalance of the elements manifests itself in illness and weakness.

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