Wisdom of Five Element Framework

Published on 25 January 2023 at 16:03

The framework of the five elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water) is the basis of my tuning fork therapy and bodywork. Asian Taoist philosophy and the TCM recognize the world as a meaningful context. The five elements are forces of the cosmos, which have a noticeable effect on all natural phenomena and people. When the five forces are in balance, man and nature are healthy and in harmony. An imbalance of the elements manifests itself in illness and weakness.


Each of the five elements manifests itself on the one hand in certain organs and tissues, and on the other hand in certain feelings as well as in intellectual and psychological functions.


There are cycles showing interdependence of each element and how each element supports/controls one another. I work with Shéng (generating)-Cycle and Ko (Controlling)-Cycle to shift your energy from overabundance to emptiness and to help you find balance.


Traditional Chinese medicine explains that the Shéng cycle is a nourishing relationship; woods make fire to burn – fire burns to ashes and becomes earth. In the depths of the earth, metals are condensed and water condenses on the metal. Water, in turn, enables plants/trees to grow. On the other hand, the Ko-cycle, which shows which element controls which other element, keeps it small and limits its growth: water extinguishes fire - fire melts metal - metal (as a saw) cuts wood - the plant breaks through the earth - earth absorbs the water.


How to put this wisdom into practice?


Suppose you are my new client. I will ask you some questions to check in which element your energy is stuck. I also take your pulse to confirm which organs have excessive energy or empty energy. Then my hands and tuning forks are applied to activate empty meridian/energy points and sedate excessive ones. As a result, a few chosen meridians restore balance of energy and you will feel a distinctive positive effect after just one session. Since there are 12 meridians, it is better to receive a few sessions in following weeks to balance all meridians.


Everyday I witness how effectively this method works to reduce pains and sufferings of people, and I am deeply grateful for this ancient wisdom which we have access to.


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