Tuning Fork Therapy

Everything, including us, is known to be made of energy vibrating at different frequencies in space. There is a physical law that  energy cannot be destroyed or created, but only transformed. The shape of visible matter changes depending on how the particles vibrate. A tone is a sound wave produced by a vibrating object. Just as certain music can make us happy or sad, our organ functions also change when exposed to certain frequencies.


Tuning fork therapy is a gentle, body-friendly method in which the sound vibrations reach the deep tissues of the body and have a harmonizing function on the frequency range of the individual organs. Frequencies that interfere with one another in one body are a result of accumulated waste in the body which promotes aging and disease processes.


In this tuning fork therapy, acupuncture points are made to vibrate using tuning forks of different frequencies. Some of these tuning forks are stimulating and others are sedating. Through tuning fork therapy one can stimulate the flow of chi (life energy) in a meridian when it is reduced or blocked, or reduce the flow of chi when chi is flowing too much. A tuning fork is a tool used to tune musical instruments, but it can also tune our body. Our body is like a musical instrument.


In this way, similar to acupressure and acupuncture, the flow of chi in the 12 organ meridians can be balanced and regulated. Since many disorders and illnesses are based on an imbalance of chi in the meridians, many symptoms can be alleviated or disappear completely.

The Five Element Framework

My sessions are based on antient Asian wisdom, the five element framework.

The five element framework offers a system of correlations between the various aspects of body, mind and spirit which is a truly holistic and effective approach in healing practices. By understanding the correlation of emotions, bodies, minds and environments, we can take effective and practical actions to restore harmony and to increase quality of our lives.


Five element theory is the backbone of traditional Chinese world view, philosophy, martial arts and traditional medicine. It is a systematic blueprint for us to understand the interconnection of everything which exists.

The five elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, and include seasons, climates, time, stage of growth, internal organs, body tissues, emotions, aspects of souls, taste, colours to name a few.


Each of the five elements influences not only our organs and tissues, but also feelings, intellect and psychological functions. When all the five elements are in balance with one another, we are healthy and in harmony. An imbalance of the elements manifests itself in illness, weakness or mental disorder.


Why is the five element framework effective?


The framework places the different aspects of the physical, mental, and emotional level of a person into a precise correlation and it offers a big picture that does not have a split between a body, emotions and soul. Through the framework we can work on a root cause of certain manifestation in our bodies and lives to restore natural harmony.


It gives us understanding, for example: why our future depends on our liver functions; why our achievements in sports are rooted in the functioning of our gallbladders; that speaking difficulties and lack of charisma are the result of a weak energy state of heart, and that our vitality and sex drive depend on an energy state of the kidneys and are influenced by our phobias and fears.

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